Hidden USB port on my laptop

Before selling my old Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M1425, I just wanted to point out, that it has a fourth, hidden USB port.

If you remove the small lid above the cover of the hard disk, then you will find there a normal and working USB port in the inside.
See the attached image as proof.

I have no idea why it is there (it is not a service port).


USB Hard drive

Because you can use USB Flash drives as HDD ;)

Or you can plug in a

Or you can plug in a bluetooth dongle, or the receiver of some wireless peripheral.

I wanted too, but the gap was too small.



RAM - maybe?

Can you use the port as a cheap way of upgrading your RAM??

thinking of getting a USB dongle. Can it be done with XP Home


Yeah, it is a fully

Yeah, it is a fully functional USB 2.0 port. But you need a very small USB device to fit it in.

Although an USB stick is more than an order of magnitude slower than RAM should be.